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If you are a bride looking for that perfect hair do for that special day, then without a doubt you would have trolled through the internet and mostly Instagram and discovered the talent that is AVOS Hair. Based in London AVOS hair is a freelance international mobile hair service, specialising in all things hair. With training from Amin Kada and 13 years plus experience it is clear to see why many choose AVOS Hair as their “mane stop”.

From weaves to treatments, you will never be disappointed and neither will your hair. Bridal hair being another major service at AVOS, Lace Garters had the opportunity to catch up with the ever so talent Bunmi, founder of AVOS Hair, to talk all things AVOS and most importantly hair!



When did you start doing hair and when did you realize that being a stylist was your calling?

I started hair when I was seven, I have a little sister and I would play with her hair. I realised that I had a passion for it when I was 15, which led me to work in a salon as an apprentice for 5 years. I went off to uni and when I came back, looking for a job I decided to go back to do hair and trained at a Salon on Finchley road and that’s when AVOS all started.

Where do you get your inspiration from when styling hair?

If I haven’t been given a brief, I just go with the flow to be honest. That way I unleash more of my creative side, as supposed to if I had a guide as I find that you are somewhat restrictive. But if someone has said this is “what I’m going for” and allows me to be creative, I can freestyle and create something great.

What would you say is the most requested look you get asked to do for most of your brides?

Tyra Banks, there is a hairstyle that she wore on the red carpet where it is side swept with a chignon on the side, that is got to be the most requested style for brides and brides maids. Every single bride opts for this style.

Why do you think that most brides always opt for the side parting what is special about this style?

I don’t think its anything special, but it’s a sense of comfort and familiarity. You see a lot of people doing side parting and curls, so for you to divert from that it is a little but scary, because you are thinking will it suit me, will it work? If you are familiar with something and you want to divert from it, it takes a definite, “ok I want to do that” instead of “lets try”. I find that brides will opt for a middle part or an all-back style, if that is the style that they wear on a daily basis. So if you’re a bride who usually wears your hair in a side sweep, I find that they tend to stick to that, as that is what they are used to and that’s their comfort zone. On your wedding day as there is a lot going on, you still want to have some comfort and something that you are used to hence familiar hair style.


Bunmi from AVOS Hair working her magic

Top tips for looking after hair before big day

Wash you hair regularly. People often think the longer you leave hair between washes the better it is long term but that is incorrect. When you wash your hair regularly your hair gets moisture from the water and I also think people should take supplements to top up on the nutrients as women our bodies go through a lot.

What advise would you give to a bride when booking the trial?

Make sure that your hair is clean, product free especially from oils. Most people have this perception that their hair has to be dipped in oil but when we use styling tools the oil just burns and the hair doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. Also come with an open mind and be open to suggestions, have your ideas but be open to what your stylist may suggest. Bring someone along with you but not someone that is not going to be a hindrance.

Celebrity you most like to style?

When I get the chance I would love to style Michelle Obama or Gabrielle Union. I love their hair and I love the fact that most of the time they wear their hair natural. Yes they have pieces in them sometimes I am aware. Tracey Ellis Ross, give me her hair any day, I think I’ll be in Disney land. 

Natural v relaxed hair, what do you prefer working on?

Ohhh that’s a tough one. I love working on healthy hair full stop. So whether its relaxed or natural once your hair is healthy, I love working on it and I’m in my element. However with natural hair there is a lot more versatility you can get with it, so you can dramatically change a persons look with natural hair.

What product would you say every mane couldn’t do without?

Has to be my Daily damage defense by Philip Kingsley. I would say it’s a leave in treatment. Not only does it smell good, it leaves your hair nice and conditioned. You can use this product without getting buildup.

Apart from another wedding where can we next expect to see Avos hair

Hopefully on a high street near you soon somewhere in central London. One of the things we want to do is to do some pop-ups in different cities so look out for that.


avos hair avos

Photo Credit from: AVOS hair, Nick Rose Photography, Alakija Studios

Reach out to Bunmi from AVOS hair here:

Instagram | @avoshair  Web | www.avoshair.com

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