Popup wedding perhaps?

A dear friend of mine and I went to a bloggers festival in London hosted by the wonderful Scarlett London. It was a chance for new bloggers and old to meet and mingle. Scarlett also invited some vendors to exhibit showcasing brands some you may know some you may not.


What’s all this got to do with weddings I hear you say…. well I met some amazing people with some amazing blogs, but the best thing from the bloggers festival was meeting some incredible entrepreneurs who had amazing products, some of which I will feature later (all wedding related), and companies offering different services.

Image from Popup Studio Live

The highlight of the day for me was meeting the lovely Samantha Jones from Popup Studio Live! Samantha started this company only three weeks ago due to her love of wanting to become a presenter and her company will definitely see to it that we will be seeing her in our homes soon. Anyway I digress. The great thing about the Popup Studio Live is, it does exactly what it says on the tin! Samantha, her camera and tripod can popup interview you and then stream it live! Not only is this a great way to see what your guests say about you on your wedding day interview style, but it’s a fun, unorthodox addition to your traditional wedding video. head on over to her site and have a look, thank me later!

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