Chic and Cheerful!

We all know that the most costly things in life are babies moving house and of course…. Weddings!  Depending on your pockets, aside from the venue the next expensive thing on a wedding list (for brides and fashionista grooms) are wedding out fits! I know I spent a fortune on mine and to be honest it hasn’t even been to the dry cleaners – shock horror I know. But what is it about spending thousands of pounds on an outfit, for it to never be worn again? I look in my wardrobe and I have the urge to pull out the dress of my dreams  and think where will I wear you to – then I think I’ll wait till I have had all my kids and pull it out to see if still fits, now that will be an achievement.

Anyway with all that said and weddings being a major event in ones life, many of our favourite online stores such as Asos, Missguided and co have tapped into the nostalgia of weddings by now including a bridal range at affordable prices. If you come from cultures where you’ll be needing more than one outfit or you just don’t want to spend thousands on a dress just to see if it fits years down the line then have a gander! You may not get the thrill of going for a fitting and you may have to decide where you want your dress delivered especially if you live with your partner but you will have your dream dress and may just find the one at a fraction of the price! LaceGarters has picked a few from Asos and Missguided below


A. £65 B. £120 C. £65


A £35 B. £120 C. £35 D. £95

Shoes Glorious shoes

So you have found the perfect dress next steps…. Shoes! Even though they can be the least seen accessory, you still want to make sure every inch of you feels fabulous and whether you spend thousands of pounds or next to nothing on a pair of shoes for your big day, we feel that your wedding shoes should be fun and something memorable, so you can pull them out and wear for another special occasion rather than sat in the back of the wardrobe never to be seen again.

Here are some of our favourite shoes we feel stray away from that traditional plain white court, that are fun, some colourful and playful and will be just as memorable as that dress.


1| Hartley Heeled Sandals multi £50  2| Hartley Heeled Sandals £50  3| Performer Sandals £55  4| Shooting Star Blue £40  5| Shooting Star silver £40 6| Hit on £45


Sophia Webster

1| Evangeline White and Rose Gold Sandal £395  2|Coco Crystal White £395   3| Jojo Ivory Sandal £525  4| Lacey Heaveny Pink Sandal £573  5| Lola Gem Ivory Pump £360  6| Coco Crystal Ice Pump £395  7| Chiara Ice sandal £450

sophia webster

Kurt Geiger

1| Gabriella Nude £85  2Glow nude £130  3| Hijack nude £120

kurt geiger

Christian Louboutin

1| Follies £795  2| Altressita £545  3| Salonu £595  4| SoKate Strass Degrade £2195

lb shoes

Badgley Mischka

1| Poetry £265  2| Peetch Suede Pink £140  3| Phinium £140 4| Piper Sapphire £135